People come and go

I often wonder what makes a friendship or relationship last where others fail and I am always brought back to the same answer. When you can look beyond yourself and in to the lives of others without a selfish agenda you create an existence purer than those who fake their way through the world. Once you rid yourself of those kind of people and connect with other like minded beings you are united in a great good, a bigger purpose than yourself. It is the giving of your heart, time, mind and spirit that freely brings you to those who are the same. These are the friendships and relationships that last. The rest are shadows.

This is a short preview of my new song ‘Throw me a Line’ from my forthcoming EP
hope you enjoy the little preview :) x

Count your blessings in the dark times

It is the night before we fly out to St Lucia. I have packed, (kind of) and whilst rushing around my thoughts are all over the place thinking about the next 6 months and how amazing the last 6 months have been. Yet I still get my moments/days where it feels like it’s all up hill. I’m sure everyone of you reading this gets those moments too. Use them to remind yourself how lucky you are and how blessed your life is no matter how bad…you are alive and whilst you are still breathing you can make choices and those choices can change your life for the better so in these times just sit down and simply count your blessings.

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Im not a keys player but tonight I wanted to put down this idea and capture the emption.
I hope you enjoy my new song x

Songwriters earn money when you gig!

If you’re a songwriter and you gig regularly join your country’s Performing Rights Organisation (PRS in the UK). Make sure you file a report with them every time you (or someone else), perform your songs live. You’ll earn a small amount of money at each gig – not a fortune but it’s money that’s rightfully yours.

If you want to get to know me better and get a closer insight in to my story this feature in the free online music magazine will do just that.

Have a read and let me know your thoughts and questions.

with love always

Tiger Lilly

My little family
Husband Chris & our little pooch Lilly
Love x

My little family
Husband Chris & our little pooch Lilly
Love x